Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is forty one too old?

How do you measure age?  Chronologically?  Or by the experiences lived?  But then again, how do you measure that?

Photo by Daniel St. Pierre
Sundays have always been a conflicting day for me.  Ever since I can remember, there have been Sunday phone calls.  I guess it started with my dad calling his mom, as I was growing up.  Then it was my brother and I receiving phone calls on Sundays from our mom and dad.  Funny how history tends to repeat itself, now it's me calling my mom and grandmother.  It so very weird.  I have received and given the best news and also the worst news over the phone.  I really do not know how to explain that this is a situation that happens to immigrants all over the world.  I honestly do not know if my phone hours with my mom exceeds the physical time spent with her.  That is so weird and probably sad to some.  This mere fact also explains my love/hate relationship with phones.  Frankly, I have no use for them.  If it weren't for my mom, my husband and my job, I wouldn't have any type of phone.

This Sunday my mom after many days harassing her let it slip that she and my grandmother where coming to visit in May.  WOW! That doesn't give me much time to plan and get the house ready but you know what, I will do my best and whatever can get done will get done.

Back to age, it's funny how time passes, sometimes you notice and sometimes it just passes you by.  My life has been a world wind.  God couldn't have made it anymore interesting than it has been and so blessed.  I have traveled, lived in different cultures, spoken other languages, had money, lost it all, I have been all alone in very crowed rooms and my hand held at every crossroads.  I have hardly lived but at the same time I have lived so much!  My husband and my son are my all now and the most precious gifts my Lord has given to me.  Wow, 41... so much to do and so much accomplished!  I have written in my google chat status this:

"At the end of our lives people will only remember our hearts."

I truely believe this and I try to live by it.  How do you measure age?  Do you feel your age? I would love to know. 

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