Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Carr's Birthday Part Two

I have been sitting here, just looking at these pictures. Carr had so much fun. That play yard is the best thing that ever happened to us. You see, we live in a very old apartment and we have so many cables, it is so dangerous leaving him walk around unattended. We have childproof as much as possible, but my son loves exploring. As I was saying, the play yard is a lifesaver. He likes being in there with his toys, it's big and it gives me peace of mind when I am cleaning around the house and can't watch him like a hawk. This time he had his cousin and friend Asdem inside with him, bliss.

Birthday gifts galore!
He did not know what to do with himself. Carr had a blast opening his presents. I want to thank everyone for their gifts. I am writing this post almost 5 months later and he still plays with each toy and we read to him at night the books that he received.
Thank you all for sharing such a special occasion with us!

Let them eat cake!

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